HERE’S another selection of the best design on the web that I, completely inaccurately, call Websites of the Week.
I love the art at Acid Twist. A beautiful mixture of classic painting and modern manga.
There’s some amazing page layouts here. And the studio down under seems to be branching out into all other areas of design with some beautiful results.
This London studio is pure bloody class. Clean and stylish loveliness.
Julien Grandclement’s site is a treasure trove of overwhelmingly good work. From packaging to websites, it’s all inspirational stuff but, in particular, check out the wonderful logos.
Hello Monday hardly needs an endorsement from little old me. They’ve won a FWA and various other awards but I just had to feature their brochure design for Naturama.
Beautiful paintings and sketches from a uniquely talented artist.
Inspirational and experimental typography work.
There’s a lot of excellent print work here but their design for the book St Cyborg’s is eye-bleedingly beautiful.
Just as talented at print and digital design, Rob Millington’s site is a wonderful showcase of his talents.