I’m back! It’s been a while but I’ve finally got Avoid Contact With Eyes back on its feet after spending a good while in the gutter off its face on copious amounts of CSS and php.

Actually, this is probably version gazillion of ACWE. I kept redeisgning and redeisgning but with this new rendition I’m trying something different.

At this point I should confess something, okay, here it goes… My name is Adam and I’m redesign-aholic.

Whenever I finish a new-look blog I instantly get the irresistible urge to redesign. Well, in an effort to stop this vicious cycle and possibly strive towards a new way of thinking about web design, I haven’t actually designed this blog at all. But the posts, the individual entries, that’s where it happens.

If you flick through any well designed magazine, the stories are presented differently, taking a lead from the actual content rather than some unrelated all-encompassing look. Okay, there’s the house style and there are furniture pages but on the show pages, fonts, colours and layouts change and there’s no reason that can’t be the same on the web. I know there are more limitations online what with web-safe fonts and resolution considerations but these are not insurmountable problems. So that’s what I’m experimenting with here, a design playground if you will.

Just to get technical for moment, most of what I’ve done is pretty easy to achieve. As a trial run I’ve redesigned most of the old content. Just adding a background picture in a lot of occasions turns a standard blog entry into a really eye-catching feature. The majority of the design work is thanks to a little Per-Post CSS plugin I have running. It’s as simple as that, just a tiny bit of css.

But there is still work to do. Most of the buttons here are standard rollovers but on the last few sites I’ve designed I’ve been using CSS sprites which are so much better. So I’ll be updating and improving for some time to come and doing tutorials along the way. I’ve also got some work to do in the portfolio section.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. I hope you like it but whatever you think all comments will be gratefully recieved. And don’t forget to keep coming back. Normal service will resume and there’ll be lots of stuff about zombies and robots.