HERE’S some exciting TV news… the remake of The Prisoner might not suck. In fact, it might be rather good.

Of course, I’m basing this purely on the fact that the new Village is Swakopmund, Namibia, which is where my wife grew up. Yes, my wife succeeded where Patrick McGoohan failed, she escaped The Village and made it all the way to civilization, well Cardiff.

My source tells me (when I say source, I mean my wife but source sounds so much more professional) that if anywhere is going to summon up the spirit of Portmeirion, it’s Swakopmund.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Portmeirion and it’s everything you’d expect after watching the ground-breaking and wonderfully weird original series of The Prisoner. The only real difference is that Number Six’s house is a Prisoner gift shop and they’re more than happy to let you leave, however, they do charge you to get in. You can even run up the beach shouting “I am not a number, I’m a free man” without anyone batting an eyelid at you or the other people doing exactly the same thing.

Over the years, my source has showed me hundreds of pictures of her growing up in Swakopmund and I must say, it does have that certain mismatched architectural charm of Portmeirion so the setting looks, well, set.

But what about Six, Two and all those other numbers? Well, here’s two names for you, Gandalf and Jesus.

Gandalf (Ian McKellen) is taking on the role of Number Two and Jesus (Jim Caviezel) is that pesky Number Six. What can go wrong with Gandalf and Jesus at the helm?

You can keep an eye what’s happening in The Village and find out the latest news from the new mini series here. There’s even a few blog entries Ian McKellen, the only man who can still look dignified in this pose…

Be seeing you.