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Design portfolio

Web and print work by Adam Walker

Welcome to the web, print and everything else design portfolio of me, Adam Walker. I'm 36 years old and I love to design. By day I work on newspapers at Media Wales, by night I design websites, posters, lots of roller derby programs and anything else, mainly working with my wife as part of Madamadari. You can find out more about me in the About Me section or buy my lovely wares from The Shop.

Juliet Greenwood

Author Juliet Greenwood wanted a site to keep her fans up to date and a place to showcase photography of the location that inspire her.

Laura Kemp

Laura Kemp is a novelist, newspaper columnist and mum. She wanted a website that conveyed the chaos of her life.

X & O

Clean and modern selling custom-made laser-cut acrylic jewellery online.

Tulip trade union

Tulip trade union Tulip trade union for long-term illness and pain Tulip trade union wanted a website that was clean, clear and extremely simple to use.

Sakura and the Spider

A samurai comic website, basically a dream job… I think the site looks great and we got it live just in time for that all important comic convension too.


Melissa Erwin wanted a place on the web to show off her graphic design and art that was all about the work as well as a place for her to blog.

The Biblis

As part of an initiative by the Welsh Assembly Government I worked with Tantrwm to design and code a website that promoted libraries throughout Wales

LeftSide Winter 2010

LeftSide is a glossy mens magazine that is published quarterly in the South Wales Echo and distributed throughout Cardiff. The mag covers everything you’d expect from a mens publication and is designed entirely by me.

The details of design

I think that once you’ve got the basics design of an editorial page down it time to add a few little detials. It could be anything from 3D text, smokey typography or even werewolf gouges out of the page.

WM magazine

WM is a high-end glossy magazine published quarterly covering everything from interior design to celebrity interviews with an emphasis of fashion. Its contemporaries are Elle, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

LeftSide Summer 2010

LeftSide is a glossy mens magazine that is published quarterly in the South Wales Echo and distributed throughout Cardiff. The mag covers everything you’d expect from a mens publication and is designed entirely by me.

Fashion editorial

Working on the features desk of a newspaper means a lot of fashion pages. But these are tabloid papers we’re talking about, so it’s a balancing act between stylish and not-quite-so-classy. This is a selection from 2009/10.

Entertainment news pages

Most of newspapers have entertainment pages to cover the latest movie, music and game releases. You know, all those magazines that come with the weekend editions. This is a selection of them.

Snow Style Productions

Snow Style Productions wanted a website put together quickly for their winter sport filming venture. The site had to advertise the service and help deliver the final videos to the clients.


David Miller is a prolific writer who wanted a site to show off all of his work. The site had to look informal but we easy to use.


Madamadari is the design, development and hosting company my wife runs in Cardiff. Madamadar has a brilliant set of hosting packages and an impressive back catalogue of website and print design projects.

Ween Forum Christmas Card

This card used various source graphics and forum members heads to create a Victorian stageshow style Christmas Card for the members of the Ween Forum.

Sherlock Holmes poster

I’m a massive Sherlock Holmes fan and wanted to design a typography poster. I decided to use the classic Sherlock silhouette from Baker Street Station in London, made up from all 60 classics Sherlock adventures that make up The Canon.

Taped Radio

TAPE provides support for people of all ages and abilities to explore their creative ideas through music, film and the arts. Their podcasts are loaded into the player, and archives can be searched and playlists created on the website I designed and helped develop working with Madamadari.

Car Journo

Compiled by an experienced motoring journalist, Car Journo offers a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate site that allows you to see in detail exactly what’s on sale in your local showrooms today.

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This is the portfolio of Adam Walker, an editorial, web and print designer from Cardiff who doesn't usual talk in the third person. I have been designing for longer than I'd care to remember, working freelance web and print projects around my day job as a newspaper and magazine designer.

You can find out more about me and my mad skills in the about section and if you want to get in touch, you can catch me on Twitter, go to the contact page or email me at renduh@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy looking at this selection of my design work and don't forget to check out the blog too.