HELLO and welcome to my brain… well blog. It’s pretty much the same thing but less dirty.

Some of you may have seen the old acweblog with its constant stream of zombie and robot posts with a smattering of design news thrown in. Well this is the grown-up version.

I’ve decided so incorporate a blog and portfolio into one lovely place on the web were I can show off my wares, tell you what’s inspiring me and occasionally spill a little bile if something has really annoyed me.
But don’t worry robot, zombie and general nerdy comic-book types, you’ll still be catered for. After all, I started this post by welcoming you to my brain and if you took all that stuff out of there, well, quite frankly, there wouldn’t be much left.

So keep coming back, I’ll be posting regularly (honest guv) and I really want to hear all your lovely comments.