I love this hotel room of the future design showcase by LAVA.

Okay, sleek white material may not be a new idea when it comes to futurism and all those shinny surfaces in this iHotel might look like the results of a Steve Jobs colonoscopy, but it’s a classic look, perfectly executed.

The demonstration room was painstakingly researched by German scienctists who discovered that people don’t really like stained damp ceiling, mould in the shower and all the other mod cons usually associated with the B&B.

I’m not sure how the place would look after a couple of days of real living and, despite loving the look, I’m not sure I’d want to arrive home slightly worse for wear. All that white is almost certain to induce the fear and I’d be constantly checking under the bed for Aliens.

Having said all that, as a hotel room it’s ideal. Comfortable, clean and packed with loads of gadgets… and we’re talking fully integrated media display windows and a soothing HAL type voice telling you what time breakfast will be served, not tea AND coffee making facilities.

I like it and so do the folk at the Interior Design Awards who voted it Best International Interior Design 2009.

You can also find out more at LAVA’s site and take a tour here.