AS if a site that lets you catalogue your library and show off to the world how big a bookworm your are wasn’t enought. LibraryThing has gone one better with the CueCat scanner.

Mari scanning some of our books

The ISBN USB scanner that’s shaped like a cat (I don’t know why it’s shaped like a cat, it should have been a worm, but that might have looked a bit like a book-scanning dildo) makes inputing your books super easy. You just scan the cat’s nose across the ISBN barcode that’s on almost all modern books.

We scanned in an entire bookshelf, that’s about 250 books, in half and hour or so. Better yet, LibraryThink synchs up with VisualBookshelf on Facebook.

The thing only costs $15 (plus a $10 membership fee at LibraryThing if you want to have a library of more than 200 titles) so if you’ve got loads of books get it now. In the meantime, check out my shelves…