OKAY, okay. It may have been slightly more than a week since the last round-up, but here’s the latest list of wonderful websites that have been tickling my fancy. And look… we’ve even got a rather fetching logo to go with this irregular feature so you really can’t complain now, can you?


I LOVE Dust… the name says it all. This English studio consistently produces absolutely stunning artwork and graphic design projects. Give your eyes a treat and visit them immediately!


BOTH website and work is clean and crisp at Sea Design. Their logos, in particular, show a wonderful flair for creative, but still stylish, typography and graphic design. Perfect place to visit if you’re looking for some high-class inspiration.


KAKOFONIA are a Brazillian design house with some beautiful artwork on show. Their vast portfolio will keep you browsing for ages and their engaging site is a perfect example of how to do magazine-style layout.

AND in a fit of even more laziness, I’ve included a best of the rest section…

Just click on them to visit the sites. Enjoy :)