IN HONOUR of my return to work after a week off – God, it was hard – I thought I’d take a quick look at newspaper design.

I plan to do some detailed posts about newspapers and newspaper design in the future but, for now, you’ll have to make do with a couple of useful links.

The first port of call is News Page Designer. In a nutshell, newspaper designers from around the world show off their pages and other designers give comments. Even if you’re not a show-off, it’s a great place for inspiration and to check out papers from all over the world. Speaking of showing off, check out my NPD portfolio.

Ah inspiration, that leads my nicely on to the next link (what a pro), there’s a huge collection of award-winning newspaper designs over at the ludicrously brilliant Smashing Magazine.

Finally, don’t forget to get your daily dose of global pages at Newseum and news about the news (admittedly with an American bias) at News Designer.