BEING the sort of chap who spends a ridiculous amount of time trawling the web for design inspiration, I’ve decided against posting every website that takes my fancy. So, the plan is to post my favourite sites every week or so in what I’ve decided to call, during a moment of inspiration, Websites of the Week. Genius. So here it is…

ALEX Trochut’s portfolio site is the type of place you can get lost in. Wonderful designs and amazing typography. The site is easy to navigate but there is one thing about it that drives me mad. The page scrolls up and down when you rollover the top and bottom of the screen. Fine when you’re looking through the work but when you are doing other things too, such as writing a blog entry, and you’re switching between windows the thing scrolls away as if it has a mind of its own which it is just plain annoying. But I’m being picky here because, after all, a portfolio site is about the work and Alex’s work it second to none.

ROBIN Uleman knows his typography. There are some brilliant examples of magazine and print design here, stuff that can truly be called inspirational. I say that because I definitely plan to steal, sorry, be inspired, by some of his magazine layouts. Not to be a navigation nazi, but I do have a little problem with this site too. There is no list or thumbnail gallery of all his work. You could say this works to the designer’s advantage because I looked at every piece on the site during my first visit. But if you are looking for something specific it’s a bit of a chore pressing left or right though his entire portfolio. Having said that, it is definitely one to keep and eye on.

THERE is only one word to describe Amy Sol, beautiful. I’m talking about her art of course. That’s not to say she’s not a very attractive woman, I’ve never met the girl so back off. Anyway, back to the site. Most of her work is wonderfully muted acrylic images of ethereal girls and mythical creatures, well mostly cats actually, painted onto wood panels. Nothing I say can do justice to this exceptionally talented artist. Truly unique work in the best sense of the word.

SMYRSKI Creative is a design studio that can turn its hand to anything. But it is the layout designs that are so striking here. Their selected works of newspaper, magazine and book designs are a must-see for any print designers out there. So the next time any of you are thinking, there’s only so many ways to design a magazine or newspaper page, check this place out.

THE print and motion work at KarimCz is top notch. But the main reason the site is in this list is the navigation. Innovative, beautiful and yet still very simple. This has to be the best advanced nav I have seen in ages because let’s be honest, the words flash, 3D and navigation rarely come bundled with the word usability. Brilliant.

Don’t forget to come back next week for more Websites of the Week. The feature may even have its own logo by then :)