Posters designed by Adam Walker.

I’ve been designing for as longer than I’d care to remember. Let’s just say I remember installing a 56k modem in my computer when the internet was in its very early days. I work at the national newspaper of Wales where I design papers, web and also produce animated videos. I have won the Designer of the Year Regional Newspaper award and I also design websites with my partner at, so if you want a website designed, head over there. Any spare time I have, I’m either solving the Rubik’s Cube (I can do it in a minute-and-a-half on a good day), showing off my yo-yo skills, playing board games or, of course, drawing.

I’ve been designing poster and t-shirts for years, selling them at various places on the internet, but now I’m selling poster designs direct. That way I have total control over the quality of the final product, and you’ll get the best poster possible. I don’t really specialise in designing any particular type of poster but it just so happens that I’m a bit of a film geek so expect a lot of sci-fi and horror designs popping up.

If you want to commission a specific design or drawing, drop me a like at

All posters are original designs on fine quality art paper with Giclée printing.

You can also buy my designs on t-shirts, prints, mugs and a bunch of other formats via

If you want to visit version 1.0 of ACWE featuring per-post designed blogs, there’s an archive available at